Wednesday, February 16, 2011

iPhone Nano (N97) saving model

Valentine's Day last week. One of the interesting news that I think it would make many people more or less Hooผึnong Ta there is little news story that the iPhone version. News, sustained Boomberg out trigger points left to take the world to be healthy And attached to this week. To guarantee that this news is certainly not a rumor information. Because the global news is that another Wall Street Journal have come out of Boomberg provide additional information that it took them by confirming that the iPhone has a small version of the real identity of course. And will be out during the Summer in America, which was soon as much.

According to reports from people who have. A chance to see the real machine. That is the master. IPhone Nano is sure that the system, it is smaller than the iPhone 4 lighter weight. Built to look like the edge of the Home screen button no longer comes with the Virtual Keyboard and voice-based navigation with the new iPhone will come with improved version of MobileMe. Sure do, and that the Wall Street Journal confirmed that it is another voice in the machine. less-expensive iPhones or uniform cost. The size machine. If the information previously said the device iPhone version of a small new it has size 2 / 3 of the device iPhone 4, but the data on Wall Street Journal that it is a machine the size half of the iPhone 4 and Code name of the iPhone a little of this. Codename is a name that came along with N97 with Nokia's all I offline that Q. For that price he said that it would be more than half of the current generation iPhone. To make out with more drilling along the Mass Market iPhone never before.

For the Software Mobile Me Online Storage for a user to the user. Able to store personal information at the same and Sync Data Calendar and Contacts between machines and devices, which typically charge annual 99 dollars, but now, Apple intends to open it as a Free service, and can store their photos, music and a video that will be like. Lockers for personal use and user. The service MobileMe Apple's as part of its use in any way cloud computing is the data on the Internet on the Server service providers, which make it easier to run as long as the connections are Internet access, which at Apple launched the music store and an ฒu million-media entertainment, it might be a plan in the future. This information will be used to benefit other areas such as Social networking.

In addition, Apple now has itself in rumors that spread out. In Apple's soon to plan for upgrading the current iPhone 4 in the new round, which may be caused as a model rather than a new iPhone 4GS iPhone 5, which is now Apple's concern about the information out over time. Because the machine is really not that iPhone N97, iPhone 4GS or even the iPhone 5 would be in Apple's arsenal already. Only just before the queue, respectively, well after more For anyone waiting for iPhone N97 or simply called iPhone Nano, I do not believe that this is certainly Sai Bua waiting in vain. I'm pretty sure the iPhone is indeed small. Problem for the Thai people to live at Imported for sale in Thailand over World because they sold so tired already. Thailand recently sold the rights to even see a iPad offline for a long time he sold the rights for sale in Thailand recently. Paul has not sold much Eo๊rr! What are fa iPad 2 will come out again.

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